Registration Information
Top Hat Theatrics provides six different events each season. A season is defined as the start of a new school year and is finished at the end of summer (Example: August of the current year to July next year).
The events are as follows: Fall Theatre Production, Fall/Winter Cabaret, JTF Troupe Show, Spring Theatre Production, Spring Cabaret, and the Summer Camp Intensive.
Registration availability for upcoming events will be released 2-3 months prior to the start of the rehearsal period of said events.

​Production Fees for Top Hat Theatrics events:
Fall Theatre Production: One time $350 Fee. This fee is charged at the time a student is accepted into a show. This fee covers the entirety of the students participation in the show. (Non-Refundable)
Fall/Winter Cabaret: No fee, volunteer performance.
JTF Troupe Show: Fees vary based on our Production Fee, Hotel pricing, and the Junior Theatre Festival Ticket rates for the year. These details will be listed to parents as we approach registration. General pricing is estimated at $900 per JTF, this also includes a live performance of the Jr. show of choice.
Spring Theatre Production: One time $350 Fee. This fee is charged at the time a student is accepted into a show. (Non-Refundable)
Spring Cabaret: No fee, volunteer performance.
Summer Camp Intensive: One time registration fee of $50.00 (Non-Refundable). One time production fee of $350.00. (Non-Refundable)

What the production fees cover: Performances, costumes, set design/building, props, and general licensing of shows.

What is NOT covered in the production fees: Rehearsal attire, character or jazz shoes, and tap shoes are NOT included; students and parents will be responsible for providing the listed attire.

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings 

​In the event of inclement weather and/or poor road conditions, classes/rehearsals may be canceled for the safety of our students/ families. To help us make this decision, we follow Cobb County School District, if they cancel for inclement weather or if Dynamite Dance Factory is closed due to severe weather or some other emergency, Top Hat Theatrics will not hold rehearsals. We will send out an email to parents and students in the event a rehearsal is canceled.

Receiving Emails & Texts

We are committed to providing you all the information needed to be prepared and have an awesome theatre experience! Please be sure to check your emails and add to your contact.  


By joining a Top Hat Theatrics production or class, students and responsible adult to student consent to the child’s visual image and/or audio recording to be used by TOP HAT THEATRICS in the general promotion of its programs. By agreeing to said Photo Release, you will be giving permission to TOP HAT THEATRICS to use the students name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, exposition displays, trade, and any other lawful purposes. 


TOP HAT THEATRICS is a privilege and only cooperative behavior is allowed. Respect for the Director, Parent Volunteer(s) and the host facility and facility employee(s) is expected. Disrespectful behavior or willful disobedience is unacceptable. Excessive or persistently disruptive behavior (rough housing or excessive talking) will also be considered as disrespectful or disobedient if the student has been asked to stop the behavior (either individually or in a group setting) and the behavior hasn’t been corrected.
Appropriate and respectful language will be used at all times. No name-calling, gossiping or profanity is allowed.

  • TOP HAT THEATRICS expects students’ conduct to be respectful to property. Therefore, any damage done to property intentionally will be expected to be replaced or repaired by the student.


  • Always sign in for each rehearsal
  • Always be dressed for movement/choreo.
  • Avoid unnecessary noise and distractions during rehearsals and performances. Excessive talking will not be tolerated and you will be dismissed from rehearsal. More than 2 dismissals will result in a meeting with you and your responsible adult(s).
  • Couples should use sound judgment and refrain from excessive physical contact.
  • Stay in designated areas. Top Hat Theatrics students may not leave the facilities at any time during rehearsals or performances unless accompanied by a parent or designated staff member (This includes breaks between class and rehearsal.)
  • Clean up after yourself after every rehearsal.
  • Complete clean up assignments on your designated day during tech week and show days.
  • Behave in a professional manner.
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances unless you are ill or have received the Director’s permission.
  • Be on time. Arrive fully prepared at least 15 minutes early. (Responsible adult: please pick up your children on time, as well.)
    Know your lines and songs. Being prepared affects not only your performance but the entire production.
  • Be prepared with costumes, makeup, props and scripts.
  • Respect your fellow castmates, directors, and staff members of TOP HAT THEATRICS and DYNAMITE DANCE FACTORY. This applies within and outside the rehearsal space at any time.
  • Be a leader and set the example.

1st offense – Adult in charge will talk with the student regarding misbehavior and the adult responsible for said student may be notified.
2nd offense – Top Hat Theatrics Representative(s) will talk with the student and adult responsible in order to put a plan in place for student success.
3rd offense – Top Hat Theatrics Representative(s) will meet with the parent and student regarding the misbehavior and dismissal from the class/show will result.
Zero Tolerance rule violations including, but not limited to the following, will result in immediate dismissal from Top Hat Theatrics classes and show participation. This includes any responsible adults that are participating in our productions.


Illegal activities such as the use of drugs, underage drinking or smoking/vaping.
Exhibiting signs of inebriation or substance abuse.
Purposely damaging the property or equipment affiliated with Top Hat Theatrics events.
Physical and/or verbal abuse (to include social media) or actions resulting in injury of another person.
Weapons brought into events, rehearsals, shows, etc.



Top Hat Theatrics production requires all cast members to attend over 70% of the rehearsal process. Costume Fitting Day, Cast Photos Day, Tech weeks and show dates are MANDATORY. Student attendance greatly affects the quality of the show and rehearsal process. By acknowledging and agreeing to the Attendance Policy you are agreeing to the below requirements.

I understand by my child’s participation in Top Hat Theatrics company, I will be responsible for their attendance at every rehearsal for which they’re scheduled. In case of illness or tardiness, I will notify the designated staff member(s) immediately. To ensure the quality of rehearsals & productions, I understand that non-approved absences may result in less stage time in the show.

We require all conflicts to be submitted before the first rehearsal day of a show. Any new conflicts will require you, the parents and student, to notify Top Hat Theatrics as soon as possible.

We operate on a three strike policy with non-approved absences.
1st Offense – Top Hat Theatrics Representative(s) will contact the responsible parent to gain understanding of the absence.
2nd Offense – Top Hat Theatrics Representative(s) will discuss and review with the responsible parent and student of future conflicts to be had in order to put a plan in for student success.
3rd Offense – Top Hat Theatrics Representative(s) will have a final discussion with the responsible parent and student resulting in the students dismissal of the show.

If you, the student, are unable to attend a rehearsal that is unplanned, it is the responsibility of you, and your parents, to notify Top Hat Theatrics via email at as soon as possible.

Illness and Emergencies 
Children who are ill or who show signs of becoming ill should not attend classes or programs.  Your child cannot perform his or her best when ill and we do not want to spread germs to others.   
Please follow the guidelines below to determine if your child should attend Top Hat Theatrics productions.

We will never administer a drug of any type, even with parental consent. This includes Tylenol, Advil, etc. 
Therefore, all medication must be self-administered by the student. 
If the medicine must be administered by a parent/guardian, Please enter any important allergies, chronic illness or medical conditions during the registration process. If you have already registered and would like to add this information, please contact us at

Keep your child home: 

•    If your child has had had a temperature within the last 24 hours.
•    If your child has vomited or had diarrhea with the past 24 hours.
•    If your student is placed on antibiotics – he/she should stay at home until 24 hours after taking the first dose.

•    If your student has sinus issues or sore throat related to anything other than seasonal allergies
•    If having your child attend Top Hat Theatrics would significantly put others at risk for contracting your child’s illness.
•    If your child feels ill enough that he/she would not be able to benefit from being at the Top Hat Theatrics class.

•    If your student has lice. If your student has a severe cough not related to asthma. 
•    If anyone in your family has been diagnosed with the flu, and has an active case, please keep all members at home for at least 24 hours after the last symptoms of flu have subsided. 

If a student becomes ill during one of our rehearsals, the parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the student. If they cannot be reached, the staff will call the emergency contact listed on the registration form. If no one can be reached, we will take the necessary actions for the health of your child. In the event of a serious emergency, 911 will be called first. All fees associated will be the parents responsibility to handle.


Casting is a difficult process all directors must go through. Though we understand students may be pursuing particular roles in a show it is the directors decision of where each student is placed in terms of role(s) for a show. Casting a show requires the directors to consider several factors that are not only based on an individual student but the entire cast and the integrity of the production. Our goal in casting is to ensure every performer is placed in a role that is suitable for the show, and the students current abilities as a performer. To ensure fair practice when casting for those who have performed with us in previous shows and students performing with us for the first time we approach every show with a ‘clean slate’. The directors define ‘clean slate’ as casting the student based on the audition and callback performance for the show presented on this form, as well as the students current conflict schedule. Additionally, conflicts will not affect acceptance into the show but it will be a factor when deciding where to cast a student due to the demands of any given role. The directors can at will introduce alumni students and or adults outside the age range of a production if they believe it is required for the purpose of age appropriate characters, overall story, and to help drive the education of said production. It will be your responsibility as student and parent to ensure the student is prepared for the audition and callback process.


When the cast list is announced to all students and parents associated with the audition and callback process we ask that you do NOT contact any staff member of Top Hat Theatrics for 48 HOURS after the cast list release if in the event you are requesting feedback on the directors casting decision. Directors will provide appropriate feedback based on the audition and callback process once asked after the 48 hour period. Feedback may not only be based on the abilities of the student, but also their professionalism and behavior during these processes. Students who feel they disagree of with where they are placed in the show are free to decline the offer of said role at the time of the directors offer and we encourage you, the student, to audition for our future productions.

We encourage you, the student, to ask for feedback regarding the audition or callback process after the 48 hour period of casting.

Have a great time learning and growing!