Our Students

My experience at From the Top Theatrics is amazing. The people and teachers are incredibly talented and welcoming. I make so many amazing friends. And it’s my safe place.

– Ella

Performing with From the Top Theatrics completely changed my life. As soon as I joined I was welcomed with open arms from the other kids and directors. From the Top Theatrics taught me everything about theatre, and inspired me to perform as my career. I’m so glad and thankful for From the Top Theatrics, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

– Katie

My experience with Top Hat Theatrics has been nothing but exceptional. Not only have I made life long friend through this company, but also met some wonderful mentors and teachers. I genuinely believe I would not be where I am now without their support. I have nothing but love and respect for the staffs hard work and care. 

– Phillip

From the Top Theatrics has been a part of my life for nearly six years now and they have been more than a theatre company to me, they are a family. From my first rehearsal everyone took me in and made feel welcome. This company is one of the most professional I have worked with. If you ever have a chance to join this group, take it because you will make so many friends you won’t regret it.

– Damien

My time with From the Top Theatrics got me to where I am now. The directors push students to become strong actors and develop skills that can be used in and out of the theatre. I am so thankful that during my time at From the Top Theatrics I was able to make lifelong friends and connections with the directions that pushed me to pursue higher education in the arts!

– Evie

My time at From the Top Theatrics in high school was one of the best decisions ever. As both an actor and crew member, I found a second home filled with creativity and lifelong friendships. From the stage to backstage, it’s where my love for theatre truly sparkled. Grateful for the unforgettable moments and the incredible moments and incredible community that made it all possible!

– Luke

I’m a person who’s sort of known for hopping from place to place, hobby to hobby. Which means I think it should say something that I’ve stuck around Top Hat Theatrics for nearly five years. I’ve grown from a student to a music director, and dabbled in some stage management here and there. The people I met here, the experiences I had, are some of the most impactful on my life so far. I’m now a music teacher, composer, songwriter, producer, and builder of guitars, and I have Top Hat Theatrics to thank for rekindling a lot of that passion for music.

– Morgan

Our Parents

From The Top Theatrics has been an incredible journey for my child since 2019. From Frozen Junior to School of Rock, Aladdin, and Rent, each production has been a testament to the dedication and passion of this theater company. The people behind From The Top Theatrics are not just organizers; they are wonderful individuals who, with undeniable commitment, fostered an environment where creativity thrives.

– Angie Nielsen

My family has been with FT3 for the past six years, and they have become a big part of our lives. At From The Top Theatrics you don’t just learn how to put on a show but you learn life lessons, like how there are no small roles only small actors. The friendships you make here last for a life time. All 4 of my kids have done shows with them 3/4 of them have graduated out of it but my youngest is still doing shows with them. The directors are the most professional we have worked with and their productions are outstanding. So if you are ever so lucky to get a chance to perform with them take it.

– Brandy and Anthony Munn