We at Top Hat Theatrics take a dedicated stance on providing theatre education for actors from all walks of life. Whether it is the performers first time on stage to the twentieth time, we approach every student the same: 

A mission to grow, build, and be a leader in the everyday world by teaching life through the art of theatre.

Our instructors and staff are focused on providing a safe environment where art can thrive. A foundation for imagination and choices to come together in a rich environment while also providing the needed discipline and structure to train in acting, singing, and dancing. 

As an educational theatre, it is you, the students, and the parents that makes Top Hat Theatrics what it is today. 

Get to know the Top Hat Theatrics team!

Jenn Loudermilk – Board Member – Artistic Director

Jenn has performed, studied, and taught theatre for over 30 years. She teaches private voice lessons, music directs and directs throughout the Atlanta area as well as serves as the Assistant Drama Coach at Sequoyah High School. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish education from Kennesaw State and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Teacher Leadership at Columbus State. She has an extensive history working with children and teens through a variety of main stage productions and summer drama camps. She uses her expertise in education and theatre to help young performers grow and gain confidence through their performance and singing.

Naoki Breger – Board Member – Managing Director

Naoki, a seasoned thespian with over 10 years of experience, joined Top Hat Theatrics in 2019, contributing to various roles such as directing, stage management, and showcasing his talents in productions with Top Hat and other theatres across North Atlanta. With a professional business administration and project management background, he dedicates himself to elevating Top Hat Theatrics as a leading theatre education source. Naoki’s mission is to empower students to translate their on-stage confidence into leadership and innovation in the arts.

Daniel Morgan – Board Member – Lead Director

With 18 years in theatre, Daniel is a long time theatre advocate who has spent the last eight years with Top Hat Theatrics. He volunteers as a co-director with the Sequoyah High School Drama Department, guiding the next generation of performers. Daniel is known for his goal driven mindset and oversees the overall production of every theatre show, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for both the cast and audience. His passion for theatre makes him an invaluable asset to the theatrical community.

Jenn Casey – Volunteer Coordinator

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Tracey Kinney – Costume Designer

Tracey’s journey in theater began as a high school performer, a passion that led her to earn a degree in Theatre from The University of Georgia. This enthusiasm grew exponentially when her own daughters took the stage, further deepening her involvement in youth theater. With six years of experience managing an elementary drama club, she has developed a profound appreciation for all aspects of youth theater, with a special fondness for creating scenic elements like sets, costumes, and props. As the Production Manager for Top Hat Theatrics, she is thrilled to bring her skills and experience to coordinate these essential aspects of their productions, enhancing each show’s visual and emotional impact. Witnessing the dedication and expertise of the Top Hat Theatrics team with young performers is truly inspiring to her. She is excited to be part of this dedicated team, eager to contribute to the growth and success of their talented young performers.

Scott Kinney – Technical Director and Scenic Designer

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Cobin Bugni – Stunt Coordinator – Stage Manager – Assistant Director

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Colby Block – Music Director – Social Media Handler

Colby started off as a student at Top Hat Theatrics in their first production in 2015, Aladdin Jr. Upon graduating high school, she joined the staff as a Music Director, and has loved it ever since. Colby has been teaching music with Top Hat Theatrics since 2018, and since then has also music directed productions with Marietta High School, CYT Atlanta, Prodigy Performing Arts, & Act1 Theater. Their favorite thing about Top Hat Theatrics is that it is a family, and there’s nowhere else like it. This is where she found her love for music direction, and she wouldn’t change a thing.​

Morgan Casey – Music Director

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